The Refinery “Platon Gas Oil Ghana LTD.” located the Republic of Ghana, Greater Accra region, Tema, was built in 2013, as part of an investment project. The company is located at the Industrial area of Tema. Used equipment is made in Ukraine, automatic systems and pumping equipment are manufactured in Germany.

The modernization started its place in 2017 where the additional equipment of the plant allowed to expand the range of processed raw materials (crude oil and gas condensate) and to increase the volume of processing and storage of raw materials (crude oil and gas condensate) and finished products.

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At the present moment, the plant is able to process raw materials with a density range from 0.7 to 0.91. This largely makes the company independent to the quality of the supplied raw materials and expand its the business opportunities.

Depending on the density of the raw materials, the loading of the factory, which varies from 230,000 m3 to 340,000 m3 of raw materials per year, also changes.

The company meets all requirements of industrial safety, environmental protection and is equipped with equipment that meets the ISO 9001 quality standard, which is necessary to ensure the continuous operation of the plant. The products of the refinery are certified in Ghana and meet all safety requirements.

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The list of products manufactured by the nomenclature of simultaneous release.
On crude oil and / or gas condensate:

  • naphta + kerosene + diesel fuel + fuel stove + fuel oil direct-flow furnace(RFO);
  • naphta + diesel fuel + stove fuel +fuel oil direct-flow furnace(RFO);
  • naphta + diesel fuel + fuel oil direct-flow furnace(RFO);
  • naphta + marina gas oil(MGO) + fuel oil direct-flow furnace(RFO).

On the gas condensate (light, density up to 0.73):

  • nephras + white spirit + furnace fuel;

In addition, the company has a block of mixing motor gasoline (regular RON 91) or an alternative (Fishing Fuel RON 82) car fuel for two-stroke engines; In order to ensure the proper quality of the finished products, the company has its own laboratory.

The general complex of the enterprise includes:

  • Installation units for oil refining V6 (2 pcs.) and V15 (2 pcs.);
  • Reservoir park, with a total capacity of 18,000 m3;
  • General boiler plant (2 boilers);
  • The blending chamber;
  • Spare parts warehouse;
  • Repair shops;
  • Independent electro-power plants (at 2 MW / h);
  • Raw and grocery pumping;
  • Fire pumping station;
  • Automated overpass for loading finished products;
  • Pipeline for the raw materials from port to the refinery.

All products, equipment and installations are certified in UkrSEPRO. The technological equipment is developed taking into account the requirements and limitations for the production of this such type of business. The selected equipment is aimed at reducing emissions from the furnace and steam boiler. The emission control is aimed at achieving compliance with the requirements of international standards.

The plans for the future development of the company is the expansion of the area of the enterprise for the installation of additional production:

  • processing of crude oil up to 1 760 000 m3 / year;
  • production of bitumen and road construction;
  • expansion of the tank farm up to 60,000 m3;
  • installation of power plants for the production of electricity, production volume 25 MW / h;
  • construction of a new pipeline for the supply of raw materials and exporting of existing products.